Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Table of Contents: The Little Giant of Aberdeen County

Author: Tiffany Baker
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Year: 2009
Synopsis: Massive from birth, growing into a 400-pound giant, Truly Plaice strives to be normal in a world in which she literally and figuratively does not fit. Truly's strength of virtue comes out when she steps into the role of surrogate mother to her estranged sister's young son. She endures daily verbal abuse from her egotistical brother-in-law, the town's only doctor, in order to provide a loving home environment to her growing nephew. In the doctor's home she uncovers a quilt that contains the key to the folklore rumors that have rested with the townsfolk in her rural upstate New York community. The knowledge the quilt contains gives Truly the power of life and death and leads her to discover her own inner strength and dignity.

What Others Have To Say:
South Florida Sun Sentinel
"Baker mixes real-world and folk medicine, contemporary issues and timeless legends, bitterness and sweet romance as she brews her story. The characters are outsize in many ways, but the spell she casts keeps the reader engaged in this very promising debut."

The Washington Post
"Baker knows how to spin an alluring plot, and she tells this emotional story in a lush voice that's spiked with just a taste of self-pity. She has a good sense of the dark comedy of melodrama, too, even if Truly's words of wisdom are sometimes a little too -- forgive me -- heavy-handed..."

Christian Science Monitor
"Baker has crafted a book big enough to hold her title character, and few readers would be churlish enough to begrudge Truly a happily-ever-after."

USA Today
"kind of book you find yourself stealing time from workday chores to read."

Chicago Sun-Times
"One of the beauties of Little Giant is that Baker never reveals how big Truly really is — her weight and height are not given. So Truly shrinks and grows in the reader's imagination, like a genie in a fairy story."

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