Sunday, November 22, 2009

Table of Contents: An Invisible Sign of My Own

Author: Aimee Bender
Publisher: Anchor Books
Year: 2000
Synopsis: Mona Gray was ten when her father contracted a mysterious illness and she became a quitter, abandoning each of her talents just as pleasure became intense. The only thing she can't stop doing is math: She knocks on wood, adds her steps, and multiplies people in the park against one another. When Mona begins teaching math to second-graders, she finds a ready audience. But the difficult and wonderful facts of life keep intruding. She finds herself drawn to the new science teacher, who has an unnerving way of seeing through her intricately built façade.

What Others Have To Say:

The Washington Post
"This novel is light as a zephyr and unique as a snowflake."

Denver Post
"Aimee Bender is one writer who is shouting clearly and beautifully from the hilltops that our lives are most definitely not ordinary and typical."

Entertainment Weekly
"...the book reads like a Brothers Grimm fairy tale overlaid with the futuristic alienation of Phillip K. Dick."

Read Chapter One online.
Movie version coming out in 2010.

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