Monday, November 9, 2009

Table of Contents: Lottery

Author: Patricia Wood
Publisher: Putnam
Year: 2007
Synopsis: Perry Crandall has an IQ of 76, but is not retarded, as he'll have you know: his IQ would need to be less than 75 for that, and he knows the difference even if others may not. Perry, the 32-year-old narrator of Wood's warm-fuzzy debut, has worked at the same marine supply store for half his life and lives with his wisecracking grandmother Gram, whose gems of folk wisdom help him along. But when Gram dies, Perry's selfish, money-grubbing family members swoop in and swindle him out of the proceeds from the sale of her house—and then come a-knocking again when Perry wins $12 million in the Washington State Lottery. Suddenly everyone is paying attention to Perry, but who can he trust? Even his friends from the marine supply store behave differently, and on top of everything else, Perry finds himself falling for convenience store clerk Cherry, who has problems of her own. Despite his family's shenanigans and sinister maneuverings, Perry holds his own and discovers abilities he didn't know he had.

What Others Have To Say:
View From Here Magazine
"The language is very carefully selected and used to enhance our understanding of the characters, reveal prejudices or make the reader laugh."

"Lottery is no less simple-minded than its hero."

New York Magazine
"...suspense lies in watching him negotiate a suddenly complicated life."

Seattle Times
"What really works here is Perry and the way he sees things, from certain oddities of the English language to certain aspects of the behavior of those around him."

Paul Theroux, Author
“What I love about Lottery is that it is much more than a novel about a windfall affecting a simple soul - it's a book about a stupendous event affecting a great number of people, all the winner's friends, and especially the reader.”

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