Sunday, November 1, 2009

Table of Contents: The Delivery Man

Author: ."Joe McGinniss Jr.
Publisher: Grove/Atlantic
Year: 2008
Synopsis: Chase is a struggling artist who couldn't hack NYU and moves back to Vegas, where he is reunited with his adolescent flame, Michele. After being fired from his teaching job for beating up a student, Chase plans to hook up with his girlfriend, Julia, in California, but instead spends his summer as a chauffeur for Michele's call-girl business. Michele has plans for herself (buying a house, getting an advanced degree in women's studies), but for the time being is running the call-girl service out of a suite in the Versailles Palace Hotel and Casino with her boyfriend, Bailey. Girls too young for the job, readily available cocaine, untrustworthy business partners, memories of a family tragedy and glammed-out Vegas goons make Chase's summer more stressful than he had hoped for as he attempts to finish a few paintings for a group gallery show.

What Others Have to Say:
The New York Times
"...occasionally the prose runs hot, and McGinniss manages to whip the yearning and confusion of the woefully inarticulate Chase into dramatic, even gripping fare."

The Washington Post
"...the novel is, after all, about a group of people destined to go nowhere. And McGinnis charts that aimlessness with insight and dexterity."

Houston Chronicle
"...a solid novel about shaky people, a better novel than its characters deserve

Author profile in USA Today
Film rights sold!

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