Saturday, November 7, 2009

Table of Contents: Rock On: An Office Power Ballad

Author: Dan Kennedy
Publisher: Books of Chapel Hill
Year: 2008
Synopsis:When New York writer Dan Kennedy is hired by a major record label, he thinks he's chanced upon a dream job in the world of full-blown gonzo rock and roll excess that has pockmarked his dreams ever since he was a suburban Southern California teen. The sobering reality: he's basically walked into a nine-to-five world that's equal parts Spinal Tap and The Office—and he's just in time for mass layoffs, artists being cut from contracts, and sales hitting an all-time low.

But in these tame and dying days of the record business, Kennedy's twisted wit offers up the absurd, funny, and oddly heart-breaking story of a stranger in a strange land. In an irresistibly weird way, it seems he has shown up at exactly the right time. (Rock On website)

What Others Have To Say:
The New York Times
"...a succession of gently mordant vignettes, with hilariously spot-on asides about media image-making, music-biz hierarchies and sensitive singer-songwriters. It’s also a coming-of-age story."

Pop Zap
"It’s snarky, fun, clever, and accessible: you don’t have to know much about labels to appreciate the overall office humor, although your reading experience will be greatly enhanced if you know a thing or two about (rock) music."

Art Voice
"Rock On takes us into the bowels of the recording industry and dredges up its ugly incompetence."

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