Thursday, March 11, 2010

Book Mark: Canada Reads...And Then There Were 3

And that crashing sound you heard? Fall On Your Knees being voted off the debates, with Simi casting the deciding vote. There was shock, there was awe around the table and likely across the country. An unexpected fall yet not unexpected - you know what we mean?

The vote itself was cool, all the books got one vote. Seems like our panel is getting a little disjointed on where to place loyalties.

Today's debate focused back on Nikolski and Good to a Fault, with a little The Jade Peony thrown in. Nikolski was attacked a bit but Michel held up very nicely. We too found the book a little like an trip through a box of old photographs.

It will be interesting to see if Perdita takes the payback route again and casts against Nikolski or Good to a Fault. We see The Jade Peony as the rightful target as Sam has done very little to defend the book, likely hoping it just coasts through. Not an admirable strategy; at least Perdita did not hold back.

We are all excited for tomorrow morning's last debate and revealing of the Canada Reads 2010 winner!

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