Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Book Mark: Canada Reads Underway!

Day 3 of the Canada Reads debates and Generation X is announced as the first book voted off the show. We can't say that we are surprised; it seemed like the panelists came out gunning for it. While it is not a favorite, Roland Pemberton represented it well.

Fall On Your Knees may be next, as some of the same criteria applied to Generation X has been applied to it (e.g too popular, etc) too. Although Good to a Fault has came under some fire as well. Michel Vezina has been defending Nikolski very well, helped along by Simi and Roland, but his stance today about the lack of francophone characters in the other books may well work against him and the book after today. Nobody likes to be told what their books are lacking, Michel! We are thinking that The Jade Peony may the sleeper of the group as it has been a little bit under the radar until today.

Mmmm - stay tuned to see what happens tomorrow!

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