Saturday, February 6, 2010

Table of Contents: When Madeline Was Young

Author: Jane Hamilton
Publisher/Year: Doubleday, 2006
Synopsis: When Aaron Maciver’s beautiful young wife, Madeline, suffers a head injury in a bicycle crash, she is left with the mental capabilities of a six-year-old. In the years that follow, Aaron and his second wife care for Madeline with deep tenderness and devotion as they raise two children of their own. Inspired in part by Elizabeth Spencer’s Light in the Piazza, Hamilton offers an honest and exquisite portrait of how a family tragedy forever shapes the boundaries of love.

What Others Have To Say:

The Washington Post
"Jane Hamilton has created a story that goes to the heart of the mystery of caritas , and she has revealed in the apparently flat line of a good life a vital and absorbing human drama."

The Boston Globe
"Hamilton concentrates on something far more extraordinary -- simple human decency -- in the remarkable ability of one family to discover that what remains of life after tragedy can still harbor its own treasures and charms."

USA Today
"Hamilton suggestively shows how change happens, because for one, invisibly broken person, it never does."

San Francisco Gate
"...a curious book, laced with drama though eerily vacant in analyzing its repercussions."

Read an excerpt from chapter one.
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