Saturday, February 27, 2010

Table of Contents: My Life On A Plate

Author: India Knight
Publisher/Year: Penguin, 2000
Synopsis: Clara Hutt (known to herself as Jabba The), has put her foxy single days very much behind her (rather like her cellulite), and has Got Her Man.

She has a nice house, adorable children who only annoy her 90% of the time, a large, eccentric and charming family, and an attractive (but increasingly mysterious) husband. And she gets to have regular sex. Well ... she used to. Anyway, what the hell, it's only loins ...

Everyone wants to be married - don't they?

What Others Have To Say
The Times
"Clara [Hutt] is a thoroughly engaging modern heroine who never descends into head-clutching cuteness: she would eat Ally McBeal, on brioche, for breakfast."

The Sunday Herald
"...truly indulgent experience of reading the frothbuster of the year."

The Evening Standard
"The funniest novel of the year...A brilliant take on modern matrimony and a welcome antedote to Bridget Jones"

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