Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Canada Reads Book Club: Update #3

Woohoo - we are over halfway through the books! Though, with the re-read of Fall on Your Knees still to come, perhaps on a page-by-page ratio we may not be as far along as initially thought....mmm....

Anyway, reading is progressing very well and Generation X is now in our clutches. A lot is riding on this novel, as the first read years ago did not leave a positive impression and there is trepidation in picking it up again. But if fellow Edmontonian Roland Pemberton aka Cadence Weapon says to read this book, well then, we are going to give it another shot.

This past week we started posting our reviews/musing on each of the novels. First up to bat was Good to a Fault, and coming up this week will be Nikolski. (And just between us, Nikolski is shaping up to be our favorite of the lot - shhhh, don't tell the others.)

Over the past few weeks we have posted brief bios for Marina Endicott, Nicolas Dickner, and Wayson Choy. We always find it interesting to check up on an author, as it provides an additional lense on the reading experience. Upcoming will be bios for Douglas Coupland and Anne-Marie MacDonald.

And for a little something extra, we took a timeout from reading last week to take on the CBC challenge of picking a novel that we would defend if selected to participate in the Canada Reads event. Our selection did not require any thought at all - The Imperialist - and our defense demonstrates why.

Hope all is going well with those joining us on this journey! Happy reading!

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