Saturday, January 23, 2010

Table of Contents: Candy Girl - A Year in the Life of an Unlikely Stripper

Author: Diablo Cody
Publisher/Year: Penguin, 2006
Synopsis: Diablo Cody was twenty-four years old when she decided there had to be more to life than typing copy at an ad agency. On a whim, she signed up for amateur night at Minneapolis’s seedy Skyway Lounge. She didn’t win a prize that night, but she discovered that stripping delivered a rush she had never experienced before, and too many experiences to not write about it. While she didn’t fit the ordinary profile of a stripper—she had a supportive boyfriend, was equal parts brainpower and beauty, was from a good family, and was out to do a little soul searching—she soon immersed herself in this enticing life full-time.

What Others Have To Say:

Los Angeles Times
"Good, frothy fun. . . . For those of us who have stared, transfixed, from a distance, wondering how the air is up there, Candy Girl is a bracing lungful."

Lily Burana, Author
"Diablo Cody is to stripping what Chuck Klosterman is to pop culture and Sarah Vowell is to American history."

Time Out Chicago
"One hell of a good story."

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