Saturday, January 30, 2010

Canada Reads Book Club: Update #2

Things are picking up speed as we head out of January and into February. We made short work of Nikolski and are almost through The Jade Peony. How is it that we had not picked up these two books before!!

One of our offline book club members finished Fall on Your Knees recently, and sent through the following comments [SPOILERS]:
finished Fall on Your Knees yesterday. my goodness. the way the parents exploit their children and can't let them be happy...not just James but Rose's mother too--I found that betrayal just devastating to read about, that she would let her own daughter be unhappy so that she would fulfill the mother's plan for her, and keep her mother happy. And Mercedes not letting Anthony/Aloysius stay with his mom--maybe he had a good life anyway but you know Frances would have wanted to keep him.

Very creepy stuff.
Reviews forthcoming - yeah yeah, we said this before but we do mean it! We needed to figure out a schedule though as not to get overwhelmed with everything else on the go, including reading the last two books. Reviews will start the week of February 4, with one book covered for each week leading into the Canada Reads 2010 debates on CBC Radio One the week of March 8.

We've got two author mini bios up at the moment - Marina Endicott and Nicolas Dickner - a third on the way for Wayson Choy.

For all you following along online, drop a note ( comment below and let us know how things are going. Always interested in hearing how others are doing and what you think of the readings.

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