Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Canada Reads Book Club: Updates and Stuff

So things are moving along a tad slowly on the reading front. We blame it on the post-holiday crash blahs. Of course, the touch of procrastination this past week may also be a contributing factor.

As mentioned in the previous Marina Endicott post, a review of Good to a Fault is forthcoming. We promise! Hopefully we will have a couple reviews, submitted by book club members whose arms are being twisted as we type.

For the offline CRBC 2010 book club, one member has made short work of Good to a Fault and The Jade Peony, and is now halfway through Fall on Your Knees. It was a little incomprehensible that they had not read this novel before but we'll got over it.

The rest are making it through the first book or are moving on to the second.

We thought our next read would be Generation x but just not feeling it right know. So, we have turned our attention to Nikolski. Having never read a French Canadian novel translated to English before, we have out fingers cross for the best!

For all you following along online, drop a note ( comment below and let us know how things are going. Always interested in hearing how others are doing and what you think of the readings.

Happy Reading everyone!!

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