Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Table of Contents: Why I Hate Canadians

Author: Will Ferguson & Ian Ferguson
Publisher/Year: Douglas & McIntyre, 2001
Synopsis: A hilarious inside look at that unique species, the Canadian, and their thoughts on such diverse subjects as beer, sex, dating rituals, sports, politics, religion-and, of course, their trademark death-defying search for the middle of any road.

Why I Hate Canadians
What Others Have To Say
Quill & Quire
"At times, Ferguson’s attempt at satire breaks down, in his stereotypical views on cities like Sudbury, and descriptions of people (usually right-wing politicians), which are often just juvenile."

The Globe and Mail
"This book is, in fact, a reminder of what Canadians do best: make ourselves (and others) laugh."

The Coast: Halifax's Weekly
"Ferguson sees a Canada that is profoundly different from the established stereotype of the Great White North, populated by Mounties, moose and very nice people . . . and the response has been overwhelming."

Author interview in January magazine

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