Saturday, April 17, 2010

Table of Contents: The Continuity Girl

Author: Leah McLaren
Publisher/Year: HarperCollins, 2006
Synopsis: Meredith Moore is the perfect continuity girl. An on-set film script supervisor, it is her job to make sureevery frame of the picture is consistent with the one before. She is the errorcatcher. The needle-in-the-haystack finder. A cigarette in the left hand when itshould be in the right, a prematurely melted ice cube in a half-empty glass ofScotch, a stray lock of an actor’s hair—these are the details by which shemeasures out her life.

But when Meredith wakes up on the morning of her 35th birthday yearning for a baby, her personal senseof continuity is thrown into flux. Determined not to marry, she impulsivelyflees to London to reunite with her eccentric single mother and accept a new jobon a well-known producer’s film set. Her covert plan: to become a Sperm Banditand find an unsuspecting donor to father her child.

Navigating London’s murky social waters, Meredith is thrown into a strange new story, one that quickly spins outof control. In her quest to get pregnant on her own terms, she will accidentallyuncover a web of secrets that will change the way she envisions both her workinglife and the nature of love.

The Continuity Girl
What Others Have To Say
Quill & Quire
"McLaren’s writing teems with vivid detail and nicely drawn characters."

NOW Magazine
"...just too superficial ..."

The Georgia Straight
"...almost entirely obsessed with surface..."

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