Sunday, February 17, 2013

Canada Reads 2013 Summary

The annual "battle of the books" Canada Reads closed out last week with Lisa Moore's February crowned the victor.

I didn't post anything in front of the competition this year because, well, I had no interest. I stopped being terribly interested in 2011, as I felt nothing could top 2010 in terms of books and champions.

I have felt justified in this opinion in the ensuing years but will not bore you with my thoughts (largely cause it will turn into a rant and, well, there are enough of those littering the internet).

Anyway, the theme for this year's battle was Turf Wars aka books from specific regions. People were to make suggestions then vote on fiction books from specific regions in Canada they thought best represented said regions. The champion assigned to each region then picked a title from the shortlist to advocate.


The victor, as previously mentioned, represented the East coast. My all-time favorite book, Two Solitudes by Hugh MacLennan, made it to the final as the representative for Quebec. Two Solitudes, to me, the definitive Canadian novel and should be read by everyone, not just Canadians. But that is for another time, another post.

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