Monday, February 16, 2009

Table of Contents: The Story of Edgar Sawtelle

Author: David Wroblewski
Year: 2008
Synopsis: Edgar Sawtelle is a mute boy growing up on a Wisconsin farm that trains a unique breed of dogs. Edgar uses a sign language that lets him communicate easily with both his parents and the dogs. When his Uncle Claude comes to live at the farm, and then his father dies under mysterious circumstances, Edgar takes three dogs and heads for the woods. Edgar and the dogs struggle for survival in the wild, but he knows he'll have to eventually return and confront his uncle.

What Others Have to Say:
New York Times
"Pick up this book and expect to feel very, very reluctant to put it down."

Washington Post
"...a devastating finale, shocking though foretold, that transforms the story of this little family into something grand and unforgettable."

USA Today
"You can hear echoes of Hamlet..."

New York Daily News
"..."Wroblewski takes his time with his story and you will as well."

Boston Globe
"Wroblewski is a terrific writer and has an unerring ear for dialogue - both spoken and signed ..."

Entertainment Weekly
"...a good old-fashioned coming-of-age yarn."

Read an excerpt from the book.


  1. You and every other person who picked it up!! Definitely a surprise.