Thursday, February 5, 2009

Table of Contents: Lush Life

Author: Richard Price
Publisher: Picador
Year: 2008
Synopsis: The story begins with a murder on Manhattan's Lower East Side where trendy bars and restaurants clash with housing projects. Eric Cash, a restaurant manager and aspiring writer whose best days might be behind him is walking with Ike Marcus, one of his bartenders, when Ike is shot dead. Eric's account of the crime has some glaring inconsistencies, and Detective Matty Clark continues to hunt down every lead. Author Richard Price tells the story of the crime and its unraveling from the different perspectives of Eric, Matty, Ike's grieving father, and Tristan, an abused, poor black kid raised in the neighborhood, showing the clash and similarities of the different social strata in the city.

What Others Have to Say:
New York Times
"At its most basic level, “Lush Life” is a police procedural, and it possesses all the gut-level suspense of a detective story."

New York Times (2)
"Raymond Chandler is peeping out from Price’s skull, as well he should be, given such gloomy doings, but in the enormous, cross-sensory architecture of the last three words above, one detects Saul Bellow’s vision, too."

"...a first-rate police procedural."

New York Observer
"...the novel suggests that the brutality and neglect of the projects births new killers every day, doomed to life stories depressingly similar to the one just recounted."

Entertainment Weekly
"...real protagonist is the complicated, tragic, and endlessly fascinating American city street."

USA Today
"Who's right is at the heart of this compelling story..."

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