Sunday, January 25, 2009

Table of Contents: Gods Behaving Badly

Author: Marie Phillips
Publisher: Little, Brown
Year: 2007
Synopsis: The twelve gods of the Greek Pantheon are still alive (they are immortal) and living in a dirty, rat-infested house in modern-day London. Compelled partly out of boredom they take on everyday jobs that, in one way or another, match their "godly" skills: dog walker, phone sex operator, bartender. When two mortals (Alice and Neil) are unwittingly pulled into their godly orbit, the pair must figure out how to muddle through their own budding romance amidst all the confusion and interference.

What Others Have to Say:
New York Times
"...much more fun than it has any right to be"

The Independent (UK)
"...delightfully original as well as acutely clever in a makes-you-think-about-contemporary-morality-without-realising kind of way."

The Globe and Mail
"...has made the gods and goddesses so consistent in their arrogance and obliviousness that they are truly believable and likeable."

USA Today
"...a charming comic touch and the laughs are real, even if some seem in need of a sitcom laugh track."

Pop Matters
"...Phillips has a knack for conveying the fluidity of human emotion."

Entertainment Weekly
"Marie Phillips' writing is fizzy, her premise clever, and her first novel amusing — if not immortal."

Christian Science Monitor
"Phillips's novel is at once a witty, effervescent romantic comedy and an irreverent primer on Greek mythology."

London Times
"the cleverness is that Phillips does with Zeus, Aphrodite, Apollo et al precisely what the Greeks did with them. They become many-times-magnified versions of us."

Washington Post
"Phillips has an Olympian sense of absurdity, and there's enough ambrosial wit here to seduce most mortals for an afternoon or two on the divan."

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